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Company profile

Our company specialises in a diverse range of challenging projects, ranging from standard industrial production halls/warehouses and shopping malls up to architectonically complex objects. For more than eight years we have been creating drawings and construction documentation for several companies in Poland and abroad. Our experience and knowledge gathered over the years allow us for prompt and faultless project design and delivery. Our biggest advantage is flexibility. By optimising our design team and exploring innovative solutions to your particular construction needs we are able to carry out even the most difficult tasks with ease and deliver them without delays in a timely fashion. Project managed by our company:
  • automotive transmission plant for Toyota Motors (Walbrzych, Poland) - 700 tones, entire documentation completed within 5 weeks
  • palisades for PKN Orlen (Plock, Poland) - 280 tones and 150 tones
  • gymnasium (Saint-Louis, Reunion Island near Madagaskar) - 70 tons trusses and welded profiles
  • police station (France) - 30 ton multiplane roof
  • warehouses (Fort de France, Martinique) - 30 tons
  • waste sorting system (Germany)
  • several other standard steel structures, staircases, petrol stations, etc.
We believe that with our technology, expertise and creativity we are able to deal with even the most complex and challenging projects. Our design team consist of fully accredited engineers with vast experience and professional approach to even the most difficult project, which is always considered a professional challenge.